What’s in a Name?

13/04/2018 // by Jan Moran Neil

Blog 187 ‘What’s in a Name?’ by Ms Paige Turner
Oh, everything. Many, many years ago ‘Woman’s Own’ magazine had a weekly section entitled ‘Call Your Baby This Week …’ and the week I was born suggested – Elaine Janet. My mother was obviously in a state of post-natal originality when she swivelled this suggestion and named me ‘Janet Elaine’. If she had simply followed the brief I could have shortened ‘Elaine’ to ‘Ellie’ and how different my life might have been.
Did Shakespeare give as much thought to naming his characters? Or did he think like Juliet did? What’s in a name? Anyway, here’s my nub. The Gerrards Cross Library are asking for poetry entries which include a Shakespearian name. You just need to be a member of Bucks Libraries and there’s a children’s section too. I’m judging it. So pen your poem and get it sent in before the end of the month. www.tinyurl.com/gxpoetry
On the poster the lovely organiser Lorraine refers to me as ‘beautiful poet’. I’m deeply flattered. I’ve never met Lorraine but maybe she’s referring to my poetry … I’ll be doing a reading at the prize giving on Saturday 26th May.
Many thanks to Scarborough Writers, Cape Town where I did a reading last month. I arrived on some much needed rain. One can’t rely on Cape rain but totally depend on Stimulating Chat especially when the North Wester, that harbinger of rain blows through, and sends leaves into my kitchen. Please let it rain until September there. Meanwhile, here’s to our UK summer: three days next week, I hear.
Creative Ink for Writers summer term is full. Open for one off workshops now and perfs of my poetry: ‘Red Lipstick & Revelations’.

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