Flip Sides …

26/04/2018 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘Flip Sides’ by Ms Paige Turner
Catherine Klyhn (known from now on as Miss Evening Workshop) gathered together a bundle of lovely people for our 20th Creative Ink Evening Workshop last night. We met in the Seasons Café in Amersham. The cost is £18 and I sometimes wonder if the huge attraction is Miss Evening Workshop’s huge Irish warmth and copious wine and food that one gets for the all inclusive fee. (There’s always a waiting list so do contact me and I will pass details on to Catherine.) Summer/The Protagonist – Wednesday 4th July, Autumn/The Stranger – Wednesday 3rd October, Winter/The Visitor – Wednesday 5th December.
Anyway, I’m half Irish too (which is by the by) and last night I repeated ‘The Antagonist’ which I did at Fish Hoek Scribblers in Cape Town last month. I enjoy living on flip sides and miss the kitchen knife I left in South Africa when I am in the UK and miss being able to have a full bath when I am in SA. ‘The Antagonist’ is all a matter of perspective we realised last night. Fish Hoek Scribblers are suffering from a drought, showering only every three days and running into the streets, shouting ‘oh frabjous day’ when it rains. When I arrived back in the UK two weeks ago everyone was saying, ‘Aren’t you lucky you missed the snow? But we have early summer sun next week!!’ Another man’s meat …Except I can’t cut my meat the way I can in Cape Town … that knife.
I was also back into my final Creative Ink Fitzwilliams term this week. I’m NOT retiring. Still available for my ‘Red Lipstick & Revelations’ readings, workshops, consultations and editing. And I’m busy writing a novel.

2 thoughts on “Flip Sides …

  1. john moore says:

    “Busy writing a novel”. Does the plot involve that knife in SA that you covet so much?

  2. john moore says:

    This is not the end.
    Not even the beginning of the end.
    But it may be the end of the beginning,
    especially with a novel coming along…..

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