On Track for Publication and Marketing …

31/05/2021 // by Jan Moran Neil

On Track for Publication and Marketing …
Now that we can see the glimmer at the end of both our Publishing the Anthology and also Professor Van-Tam’s metaphorical pandemic tunnel, thoughts run to marketing WHEN THIS IS ALL OVER … anthology for the Rennie Grove Hospice Care. One always needs to be one step or station ahead.
First up, the Home Page of my website will begin to look different later this month when Mr Red Hat (as I call my website designer) gets going. Now Creative Ink Publishing is sending the charity anthology out into the world (hoping for Monday 21st June – don’t we all?) and my novel: ‘Shakespeare’s Clock’ is to be published in September, it seems sensible to display the books we have and are going to publish in further hope there will be buyers.
So apart from my usual Facebook pages, I have been introduced to Instagam by Suzie Cullen who will also be helping out on marketing the charity anthology. There’s also Goodreads. I’m pretty Amish about this up-to-date technology but I will try. As a matter of fact, when Mister Justin Case and I took a train trip across America in 2012, we noticed that the Amish were just about everywhere. On stations.
So maybe hope for me yet.

Update on the Anthology – ‘When This is all Over …’ – for the Rennie Grove Hospice Care

14/05/2021 // by Jan Moran Neil

Update on the Anthology – ‘When This is all Over …’ for the Rennie Grove Hospice Care.
Jane MacKinnon: former Editor of ‘Good Housekeeping’, Australia has been helping me to tidy and polish the poems and stories which have been typeset into this historical document. This has taken the best part of the last two weeks. A number of writers who have submitted pieces have asked when those who have been successful will be notified. Along with Adrian Spalding, we shall be doing another round of proof reading in the next couple of weeks and hope to notify successful writers in June with all the details of how to purchase.
Thank you for your patience. Publishing and pandemics are such long drawn out processes.
Creative Ink Zoom classes will resume in September. Editing/assessment and one-to-one Zooms available now.

‘When This is All Over …’ Anthology Update

01/05/2021 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘When This is All Over …’Anthology Update by Ms Paige Turner
We have made our choices from the 421 submissions.
We have the cover complete.
We have type set.
We have an Amazon Kindle account at the Rennie Grove Hospice Care Head Office ready to accept the profits from sales for the charity.
We are doing a final proof reading.
We will be in touch.
Now … when is this all going to be over?
Creative Ink for Writers’ Zoom sessions – we did a course of 12 – has now finished. If permitted we should all go out to play for the summer. Creative Ink Zoom sessions (12) to dip in and out of, will resume in September. Friday mornings 10.00 am until 11.30 am. Let me know if you are interested.

Dialogue with the Queen by Ms Paige Turner

15/04/2021 // by Jan Moran Neil

Dialogue with the Queen by Jan Moran Neil

Last night I dreamt the Queen said to me,
“Oh Janet, weren’t you in the crowd at Jubilee
in … nineteen seventy seven?
Wasn’t it that little town in Devon?”

“Falmouth,” I replied.

“Ah yes, and in nineteen eighty two
at Regent’s Park, we remember asking you -
‘how has been the weather?’”

I said,“I replied to you, ‘not bad’ but I lied.
In fact the weather could not have been wetter.”

“Janet,” said she,
“you were the invisible voice of Puck’s fairy.
This, I believe, is what you have always been …
A little one doing good deeds unseen,
It’s always so nice to see you
and we are always so interested too
to know how you are in particular.
And so is the Duke of Edinburgh.”

This is called ‘illusions of grandeur’.

First published in ‘Serving Bluebird Pie’ – available from Jan.
Friday morning Creative Ink Zooms – 10.00 am – 11.30 am – £10 – dip in and out as you wish. ‘Seats’ are limited so email me: info@janmoranneil.co.uk
Work ongoing with ‘When This is All Over …’ anthology for the Rennie Grove Hospice at Home.

Happy Easter Bunnies …

03/04/2021 // by Jan Moran Neil

Am rather bogged down with 412 submissions for the anthology ‘When This is All Over …’ but getting there with Co-Editor and Author – Adrian Spalding www.adrianspalding.co.uk

So watch this space.

One space left on the Creative Ink Zoom 10.00 am until 11.30 am next Friday 9th April.

Last Call/Submissions for When This is All Over Anthology

21/03/2021 // by Jan Moran Neil

Final Call/Submissions for ‘When This is All Over …’ Anthology in aid of the Rennie Grove Hospice at Home

Deadline: Wednesday 31st March

Wordage: Up to 200 words of poetry, fiction or personal experience. Link to the pandemic, however tenuous. Add a couple of sentences about yourself: where you are from, where you live now and what you do.

Send to: info@janmoranneil.co.uk – if possible as a Word Document or in the body of the email.

I am working with author Adrian Spalding at www.adrianspalding.co.uk at Creative Ink Publishing. We have had 328 submissions to date. Thanking all who have submitted.
Creative Ink Zoom Sessions every Friday morning 10.00 am until 11.30 am. £10 a head. Dip in and out as you please. ‘Seats’ are limited. Full this week. Email me for coming Fridays.

When This is All Over – Final Call for Submissions

07/03/2021 // by Jan Moran Neil

The deadline for the anthology ‘When This is All Over’ in aid of the Rennie Grove Nurses is the end of March. Up to 200 words of poetry, fiction or personal experience.
We have:
1. Over 300 submissions from across the world.
2. A beautiful cover by Linda Ralph.
3. And the expertise of fellow writer Adrian Spalding www.adrianspalding.co.uk who is steering the book to publication and into your hands.
This is totally non-profit making and all proceeds from sales will go to the Rennie Grove Hospice.
We shall be making selections in April and will notify you if you have been successful. In the meantime please do spread the word and get people to send words. You do not need to be a writer: just tell us your story and add a couple of sentences about yourself and where you are from. Send to info@janmoranneil.co.uk
Zoom Creative Ink Fridays: 10.00 am until 11.30 am. £10 a head. You can dip in and out weekly as you wish. Places are limited to 8. Full this week. But email me for the future. And if you get a group together I will do an alternate day.
Jan on Marlow Radio Listen Again | Marlow FM 97.5 – Good Morning Marlow – Friday 5th March – 11.40 ish am.

Bread Pudding Days by Jan Moran Neil

14/02/2021 // by Jan Moran Neil

Bread Pudding Days by Jan Moran Neil
20 year today this Valentine’s Day.

On soggy days
when the rain spits
my mother’s house is filled
with the warmth of cinnamon sticks,
rich dried fruit
and softly sifted sugar.
She folds and wraps our words:
- the bargain cost of my orange gloves
- the price we paid for our lost loves
- our woeful tales of wicked hate
- our splendid plans to be great.
All are measured, sieved, considered
for their mixed worth
baked into something sturdy,
crusty, spongy and deeply palatable.
And in that cooking fragrance
- the weight and varied textures
touching half remembered edges -
my mother’s syllables and smiles stretch on:
a balm against the greying bits,
a refuge against the rain which spits.

For Muriel – 10.6.22. – 14.2.01.

End of March deadline for submissions ‘When This is All Over …’ for the Rennie Grove Nurses. Poetry,fiction or non-fiction – linked or tenuously so to the pandemic. No more than 200 words. Send to info@janmoranneil.co.uk

Fridays – Zoom Creative Writing. £10 a head. Email me. 10.00 am until 11.30 am. This week’s theme: Doors.

What do you want to do ?

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Painting the Sydney Harbour Bridge …

08/02/2021 // by Jan Moran Neil

Painting the Sydney Harbour Bridge … by Ms Paige Turner
‘The cupboards need cleaning out,’ I said to Mr Justin Case this week.
‘But you’ve only really just finished cleaning them out,’ he said.
Deep sigh. ‘I know,’ I said. ‘But once one finishes that job it’s time to start all over again,’ thinking that I began the task during first lockdown.
Mr Justin Case met my sigh with his. ‘Yes,’ he said. ‘Like painting the Sydney Harbour Bridge.’
‘Well, the project is so large, once the painting of the bridge is finished it’s time to start at the beginning and do it all over again.’
‘Mmm,’ I said. ‘Rather like the vaccine programme.’
I poured another glass of wine as deep as my sigh. For I had also just finished a day’s Zoom to Cape Town. (It’s tricky getting there just at the moment.) I was helping Cassandra and Pumeza clear all the cupboards for shipping home or to be distributed as our lovely Arbour we have had for over eighteen years is being sold.
Then I realised why I had set ‘Cupboards’ as a theme for this week’s Creative Ink Zoom session on Friday at 10.00 am until 11.30 am. We have a full house this week but do email me if you would like a place on any Friday. £10.
Let’s switch to drawers now. If you have any words at the proverbial bottom for the anthology ‘When This is All Over …’ for the Rennie Grove nurses then send them into info@janmoranneil.co.uk and let them work for you. Up to 200 words. Add a sentence or two about yourself, where you are from and any website links.

What do you want to do ?

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What do you want to do ?

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New Services Offered …

23/01/2021 // by Jan Moran Neil

New Services Offered … by Ms Paige Turner
By request I am now offering:
Online Educational Creative Writing Support for Young People: £100 – three assignments set, proof read and with feedback plus a 40 minute Zoom. (Please email me: info@janmoranneil.co.uk and let me know if you have different needs.)
Creative Writing Sessions on Zoom. If you get a group together – £10 a head. 1 hour and a half. Free if you are doing the organising.
As always:
Editing – please see ‘Creative Ink for Writers’ on my website and hit on ‘Editing and Critique’ but always consult me with your details for a fee.
Or 50 minute Zoom consultation for adults – £50
Please send me words for the anthology ‘When This is All Over …’ up to 200 words (poetry, prose: fiction or creative non-fiction) to info@janmoranneil.co.uk for the Rennie Grove Nurses. Deadline: March 31st. All ages and nationalities welcome.

My play scripts are available on:



What do you want to do ?

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What do you want to do ?

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