The Cost of Living …

02/07/2023 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘The Cost of Living …’ by Ms Paige Turner
It isn’t often I veer from the written and spoken word as theme for my blog but my dear three blog readers, I have to share the story of the scallops with you. Mister Justin Case and I decided to treat ourselves to a sushi takeaway last Saturday as we have discovered the Deliveroo app.
I ordered scallops and an edamame bean salad and Mister Justin Case had those raw fish with the rice stuff I can’t eat. The whole thing with delivery and tip came to just under 40 quid. When my package arrived I opened to find two tiny pieces of raw fish and a lettuce leaf. For eleven quid. I kid you not. I tried one – which was disgusting and phoned the restaurant asking where my food was. I was looking at it: the other half of my meal – one squiggle of fish. I repeat – for eleven quid. I worked out that I have worked for an hour editing and commenting on a poem for less. I was sick later – sorry, readers. Mister Justin Case put it down to the edamame beans which he said I should not have eaten the shells. Does one not eat edamame shells? If not, there was nothing else on my plate for sixteen quid. It was a local sushi restaurant in Beaconsfield.
On another note, Mister Justin Case and I were in A & E last week on account of his detached retina risk. We spent a number of hours at Wexham A& E before they told us to go to the Windsor Eye Clinic which we did. Toby at Wexham was thorough, informative and kind. He said we could get to Windsor before five o’clock closing and by the end of the day you should have the assurance that all is well. Nine digestive biscuits later (much more filling than the scallops) we received that assurance. The NHS was brilliant. I would have been happy to pay them an extra 40 quid and forgone the raw fish.

5 thoughts on “The Cost of Living …

  1. Phillip says:

    Ah! Isn’t it a joy to read a blog and see a happy ending. Eye, eye to that!

    I’ve never tried Deliveroo. I just can’t stomach the thought of waiting for food and knowing the longer I wait the more disappointed I’m going to be. The Sushi experience is pretty good at both of the local supermarkets. And if you fancy a bargain try the App ‘TooGoodtoGo” which connects you to local stores ready to let you have a ‘take away’ at a discount – you’ll just need to collect it. Or if you really fancy something special in the sushi/Japanese menu, there’s a Japanese chef in Seer Green who does a takeaway meal offer on a Friday/weekend that’s pretty damned good and the happiness is enhanced by meeting the chef as she hands you your order at the door (of her house) and wishes you the Japanese equivalent of ‘Bon Appetite’. Frankly, that’s the best App of all.

    ‘Appiness’ is all about the anticipation and the reward of eating the food and very little about the complicated and precarious process of leaving your tastebuds to the mercy of the fast food delivery process.

  2. Caroline Fay Francis says:

    Had to smile about the sushi. Glad about your husband’s eyes. The unit in Windsor is brilliant. If you’re there again (let’s hope not), and can’t find Toby, Miss Olurin is great. Totally dedicated. x

  3. john moore says:

    don’t eat complete edamine beans, not the shells.

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