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On Reflection

18/02/2020 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘On Reflection’ by Ms Paige Turner A group of Creative Inkers has put together this anthology of poetry and prose and I’m looking forward to attending their launch at Beaconsfield Library, 2.30 pm on Tuesday 3rd March. Ladies. Very. Well. Done. I’m also looking forward to leading two evening workshops: ‘The Birth of an Idea’. […]

God and Lipstick … by Ms Paige Turner

02/02/2020 // by Jan Moran Neil

God and Lipstick My first day! My first client! Oh, my God. And her completed form tells me she’s eighty seven. I’m giving her Bubble Bliss Heaven. Number sixteen massage on the Client Care List. I say, “I hope you have a lovely stay. Is your lipstick Max Factor? Or X Factor? Let’s make a […]

‘From Planet Janet …’

12/01/2020 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘From Planet Janet…’ by Ms Paige Turner I was going to write this short blog before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s (or are they still?) announcement last week that they were ‘stepping back’ from Royal Duties. This must be in part because the duchess (is she still?) believes that one should ‘thrive and not […]

Happy Writing …2020

29/12/2019 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘Happy New Decade …’ by Ms Paige Turner At this time of year, there are no better words than the ones our three year old granddaughter was heard to say on Christmas morning, midway opening a tumultuous pile of presents, ‘I need to go and lie down …’ If you feel this way, then go […]

Happy Boris Christmas, then …

17/12/2019 // by Jan Moran Neil

Happy Boris Christmas, then … by Ms Paige Turner Just wanting to thank Catherine and her ravishing refreshments for the last of the Creative Ink evening workshops in Amersham. That litless road at night was getting too much for me. And I thank Catherine for hosting these workshops for the last seven years. I think […]

‘The Significance of the Original …’

28/11/2019 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘The Significance of The Original …’ by Ms Paige Turner Here follows an excerpt from my Slice of Memoir Story ‘The Great and the Good’ which I wrote in 1997 and was published in my collection ‘Serving Bluebird Pie’. ‘The day after my father’s mother died, I took the train up to Victoria with him. […]

31 Years Service with Adult Learning …

11/11/2019 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘31 Years Service with Adult Learning …’ by Ms Paige Turner It’s been a wonderful six weeks: we had an attempted break in at our lovely home in Cape Town. When the smashed patio window was replaced a cat took up residence being sealed in for days on end setting off the alarm. The upholstery […]

Friends on Good Writing …

23/10/2019 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘Friends on Good Writing…’ by Ms Paige Turner I’ve been Home Tutoring for the national Writing Magazine for thirteen years. I’ve proof read and given feedback on Scriptwriting, Poetry, Novels, Features and Memoir and made some long distance friends: correspondents whom, as in Helen Hanff’s ’84 Charing Cross Road’, I will probably never meet in […]

The End of a Lollipop …

09/10/2019 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘The End of a Lollipop …’ by Ms Paige Turner Or as Edna O’Brien once wrote: ‘We die by degrees but there is one part of us that decidedly knows when it’s all just over.’ I want to thank Catherine Klyhn (I have referred to her here as Ms Evening Workshops) whose organization of Creative […]

Blog 225 – Driving Ms Moran Neil by Ms Paige Turner

04/10/2019 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘Blog 225’ – ‘Driving Ms Moran Neil’ by Ms Paige Turner I had to drive Mr Justin Case’s car to my lovely Quakers’ Poetry meeting this week. My car was being serviced for the first time in four years as I have only driven 7000 miles since 2015. It seems a long drive to me. […]