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Online Educational Support in Creative Writing for Young People …

09/01/2021 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘Online Educational Support in Creative Writing …’ by Ms Paige Turner Needs must. I have started to give online Creative Writing support for young people. This will be tailor made for your young person with a number of assignments, feedback, proof reading and hand out sheets on Characters, Plot, Theme, Story Building etc. We can […]

No Pressure, 2021

02/01/2021 // by Jan Moran Neil

No Pressure, 2021 by Ms Paige Turner We all hope so much from the year. Happy New Year if that is not an oxymoron. Here’s a billet-dure for the jogger on Forty Green Road, Beaconsfield who came up behind me and brushed my shoulder whilst I was on my morning walk: ‘I respect your right […]

A Pandemic Pantomime

10/12/2020 // by Jan Moran Neil

A Pandemic Pantomime by Ms Paige Turner If you can’t go to one, then write one for the family. That’s what I have done. Can’t bear the thought that the children won’t get to hiss and boo this year. I’ve been sending props (through Amazon) – I don’t go into shops – through to Maddie […]

Calling for Submissions: Anthology

30/11/2020 // by Jan Moran Neil

Calling for Submissions: Anthology ‘When This is All Over…’ by Jan Moran Neil from Creative Ink for Writers. It was during one of those long April 2020 walks whilst dodging joggers and cyclists that the idea of a pandemic thoughts historical document occurred to me. It would have to be for a charitable cause so […]

A Room of One’s Own

13/11/2020 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘A Room of One’s Own’ by Ms Paige Turner My three year old granddaughter locked herself and a friend in the bathroom. My daughter tried all the tricks in the book to get her to open the door. When finally she said, ‘Right, Maddie. No books tonight!’ Open Sesame. (Reward for all those ‘Tiger who […]

If You Are At a Loose End

30/10/2020 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘If You are at a Loose End …’ by Ms Paige Turner I am re-posting this blog bi-month for all but specifically for the Rennie Grove Nurses who have been given a link to my blog. Please send your words and your stories in to If you are at a loose end – and […]

If You Are at a Loose End …

20/10/2020 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘If You are at a Loose End …’ by Ms Paige Turner If you are at a loose end – and aren’t we all one way or another? Then think about writing up to 200 words for the anthology with the working title ‘When This is All Over …’The deadline has been extended until March […]

Extended Deadline … by Ms Paige Turner

02/10/2020 // by Jan Moran Neil

Thank you to all who have submitted to the anthology ‘When This is All Over …’ which is in aid of the Rennie Grove Nurses. Already there has been over 300 submissions from across the globe. In the light of events, the deadline is extended for another six months until March 31st, 2021. The key […]

Happy Coral Anniversary by Ms Paige Turner

19/09/2020 // by Jan Moran Neil

Bored Husband ‘Your husband has just called to say you can buy anything in this shop,’ the plaque reads. But my husband stares out to sea; examines the mainsails of catamarans whilst I examine the ‘Just Cruisin’’ swimwear. We know everything in life carries a price tag. Amongst the bric-a-brac there is another plaque which […]

The Magic and Madness of 2020

06/09/2020 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘The Magic and Madness of 2020…’ by Ms Paige Turner. Last night Mr Justin Case and I had a gander round some Amazon Prime films as we had signed up. Within minutes we had decided on viewing ‘The Professor and the Madman’ – the story of the laborious making of the Oxford Dictionary. That caught […]