Love All

16/07/2017 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘Love All’ or ‘By Default?’ by Ms Paige Turner
Mr Double Cream from Uxbridge gets a free poetry crit for emailing me with the name for ‘happy accident’ from last bi-month’s blog: serendipity.
I’m sure his appearance with his good wife on Centre Court, Wimbledon and appearing on Facebook with Rod Laver was no accident but the result of his other half’s hard work with Tennis.
However, it was a happy accident that I managed to get tickets with Miss Trial my daughter, for Centre Court and saw Roger Federer glide through one of the early rounds. (He likes to get home by 8 and watch EastEnders.)
Anyway, I am so pleased that Mr Double Cream, along with 29 other people, managed to get to my showing of ‘Red Lipstick & Revelations’ at the Beaconsfield Library last week even though Jo Konta was playing and the sun was shining. I didn’t actually realise that the audience were given feedback forms and asked to fill in marks out of 10! Thank goodness I didn’t realise …But thanks, audience for my full marks.
I never used to get full marks for Reading Aloud when I was eight but I did write a poem entitled ‘Drawing Board’ about Susan Nash who did. I had just sent Susan a copy of my poetry collection (which can be purchased by the way on as we have only just recently linked up on Facebook. At the end of the Library Perf a lady came up to me and said, ‘My name is Susan Nash too.’
Added to this, every year about a week before the 12th July, Orangeman’s Day, a host of beautiful orange lilies bloom in my garden. I never planted them. Then on 15th and 16th July they wither: every year. Yesterday, Saturday 15th July, St Swithins Day, was the 40th anniversary of my father’s premature death: born and buried in Belfast. To form, the lilies bloomed about ten days ago and then have withered overnight. Serendipity?

Tuesday ‘Get Inspired’ classes are full but I have one writer wanting to switch to the ‘Get that Book’ arrangement which has two free places. So if you would like that Tuesday ‘Get Inspired’ place email me.

One thought on “Love All

  1. Phillip Sheahan says:

    Serendipity comes in many guises – today it’s learning that Mr Double Cream from Uxbridge has the opportunity to be poetically scrutinised. Image that. And on a day when the idea for a poem has floated to the top of his thoughts.

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