Some ‘Red Lipstick’ Perf Dates for Your Diary and Some ‘Red Lipstick’ Perf Feedback

28/07/2017 // by Jan Moran Neil

Some Red Lipstick & Revelations Perf Dates for your diary and some Past Perf Feedback

Gerrard’s Cross Philosophical and Literary Festival/Poems and Pints – Saturday 23rd September.
7.30 pm for 8pm at The Memorial Centre, East Common, Gerrards Cross, SL9 7AD. £8 to include a drink. Tickets available on the door and in aid of the Memorial Centre and Mind.
Contact Jan if you would like to read from and sell your poetry collection.

Hazlemere Library – National Poetry Day – Thursday 28th September.
10.30 am to 11.30 am. Free Entry
A Guest Speaker at Words for the Wounded LitFest at Downley Community Centre, Downley, High Wycombe HP13 5TR – Saturday 21st April.
Contact for tickets.

South Africa:
Fish Hoek Scribblers – Thursday 19th October 2017
7.30 pm. Contact:
Fish Hoek Library – Friday 27th October 2017
10.00am. Contact:
Off the Wall – Thursday 2nd November 2017
7.30pm at A Touch of Madness 12 Nuttall Road, Observatory. Contact:

And not forgetting you can purchase a copy of Red Lipstick & Revelations here:

Red Lipstick & Revelations Perf Feedback

Beaconsfield Library

Congratulations on your successful library ‘show’ yesterday. I call it ‘a show’ because of the performance values that bring the poetry alive. And the addition of props added to the feeling that your poetry is rooted in the real word of personal experience. For many poetry is hard to fully appreciate (or understand) on the page, for your audience the addition of drama really illuminates the experience and the understanding.
Only a few poets can do this and fewer still, I expect, can do this as well as you. Personally, I like the idea of telling ‘the story’ behind the poem, or putting the poem into context with a prose explanation. Maybe something to think about for the next volume of verse. Phillip Sheahan
I thoroughly enjoyed your performance yesterday. I liked all the poems, especially God and Lipstick.
Fauzia Rahman
Hi Jan, I’m so glad I was able to come yesterday. It was like going to the theatre. You had no reason to be nervous you were so professional I felt I hardly knew you and you looked amazing.
Christina Blake

Just wanted to say a very big thanks for such an enjoyable and successful afternoon yesterday at the library. As was universally agreed your readings of your poems brought them to life and made the whole event so vibrant. I thoroughly enjoyed did the others. I’ve attached the feedback forms we had handed in.
Good luck with all future ventures. Kind regards Helen Goreham/Head Librarian Beaconsfield Library

Hi Jan,
Just to say it was such a pleasure to see you earlier and, a joy hearing you!
I’m already loving your book, it’s going to be trusty companion!
Enjoy your Summer and see you in September…..All the best, Louise x

I enjoyed your poetry reading very much. Terry Hobson

Comments from the Beaconsfield Library’s Feedback Forms: ‘More please’, ‘Entertaining and illuminating’, ‘Enjoyed hearing the poetry and useful to hear Jan’s and the audience’s comments on the poetry. 10/10


Gerrards Cross Bookshop 28th June 2017

It was wonderful Jan. Inspirational to hear such a great poetry performance and also to see friends from 2015 once again. It really does make a difference to hear live poetry. Richard Candy

So lovely to see you and I’m so proud to know such a hard working and talented woman. Heather Smith

Great to see you today, I really enjoyed the reading. Elaine Mulvaney

Thanks Jan,
you read really well, and I’m not just saying that because I know you. The range of voices and inflections – you brought each individual poem to life, I enjoyed it immensely. Chris Johnson

Book Launch Saturday 22nd April 2017

Well-done ! I have immensely enjoyed the evening: your wonderful poems and the readings which were faultless. Jen is so poised and natural. Michelle Gunner

It was so lovely to be able to join in your success yesterday and once again I must congratulate you. I am, quite frankly, full of admiration for your ability to express yourself so beautifully and thoughtfully in your poetry. Chrissie Thomas

Congratulations on a lovely evening. Theresa and I really enjoyed the poetry readings. Hope you find your glasses. Sue Benwell

I want you to know how much Peter, Dorothy, and I enjoyed your reading yesterday evening. The poems are (of course) of the highest quality and your presentation made them come alive. This was probably Peter’s first experience of a poetry reading, so it is great that you have shown him how interesting and entertaining it can be…not that every poet is capable of doing what you did!! I’m very glad to have a copy of your new book. Sally Willison

Very enlightening night, last night, I enjoyed it, a new experience. Jill Dannhauser

Really enjoyed Saturday night and so did my friend Sandy

What a talented lady you are :-) Lucia Crowden

I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday evening and I know that fellow Creative Inkers did, too. The poems really came alive. Jane MacKinnon

I loved your poetry reading. It is the first time that I have ever been to a poetry reading and it made me realise how important it is for poetry to be spoken aloud. Claire Abbotss

Thank you for this evening and congratulations on a most enjoyable event. I shall enjoy reading the rest of the poems in your excellent collection. Sorry I had to slip away, but I hope lots of people stayed to buy your book! Jill Wallis

What a fabulous evening! Thankyou so much for asking us to your book launch + back to your house afterwards to celebrate. I think the launch was an absolute triumph – how brilliant to have a variety of voices and props and to have interaction with your audience, it made the whole thing really come alive. I hope the book sales are going well – we bought another 2 yesterday from Amazon to give as birthday presents! Alison White

I have just posted a review on Amazon for your poetry under the name Burns. So moved by it. Brilliant. Pat Abercromby

Thank you for such a wonderful evening on Saturday. It was lovely to see you again. I thoroughly enjoyed the entertaining poetry readings and the touching stories behind each one. The poems were all so colourful and unique, each with their own individual style and rhythm.
You looked absolutely stunning in your red dress. (MS PAIGE TURNER HERE – I REALLY LIKE THIS COMMENT …)All the best with your fabulous new book. Diana Reeve

Indigo Dreams on Marlow FM Radio Interview
We’ve just had a very convivial listen to your interview, Jan. What a cracking piece and thank you for your lovely comments about IDP too. Much appreciated. If we notice lots of publication enquiries coming from the Marlow area we know from whence they came! Dermot sounds a jolly nice chap as well. We were both struck by the clarity of your reading, easy on the ear and enhancing the poems as only the writer can, not rushed or embarrassingly forced or over-dramatic. Super.
I’ll post your Sarasvatis off tomorrow which will await your return. We hope the SA trip is gentle on you and that your case is lighter from sell-out book sales on return!
And yes, I know I’m breaking the rules emailing on a Sunday but we wanted you to get this pre departure.
Go well and safely, Jan, continuing to raise the roof for poetry.
Dawn & Ronnie

Thanks Jan I consider it to the best interview I’ve ever done on Marlowfm. Great news the film you featured in won a Bafta you must be very pleased with that, Thanks again Dermot Fitzpatrick

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