Happy Accidents

01/07/2017 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘Happy Accidents’ by Ms Paige Turner – Blog 167
Since my last posting I’ve done a themed Summer evening workshop in Amersham which accidentally happened on the hottest of Midsummer Nights with Catherine Klyhn booking the Seasons Café also by coincidental accident. If you would like to attend the Wednesday 13th September Autumn workshop email me.
I’ve also performed my One Woman Poetry Perf of ‘Red Lipstick & Revelations’; at Gerrards Cross Bookshop. I realised that sitting in audience quite by accident was my former illustrator: Heather Smith, my former ‘Dear John’ script writer: Elaine Mulvaney, my present Evening Workshop Producer: Catherine Klyhn, my Perf Reviewer: John Moore, my former Rhyme & Reason Marketing Director: Angela Dennison and the wonderful Richard Candy (what a great name to have) who is a puzzle book contributor on www.grabarchukpuzzles.com and www.brighterberkshire.com featuring a pledge by Richard to create 100 puzzles in a book raising funds for the county’s mental health. I was in warm happy company and cheered by these happy accidents. You don’t need to be associated with writing to come along to one of my perfs. The next one is at Beaconsfield Library on Thursday 13th July, Reynolds Road at 2.30 pm for an hour. It’s free entry and free parking in Waitrose car park opposite. Complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits.
A third happy accident was meeting up with Pat Brewin nee Pat Eastwood. Pat and I hadn’t seen one another for 51 years. We were best mates at Oval Primary School in Croydon sharing a fondness for imaginary horses and Enid Blyton. She spent (what you call now) Year 4 in hospital. The class wrote Pat a letter and she gave me a photocopy of mine which began: ‘Miss Hughes is making a book of poems. I hope yours goes in.’ It seemed like a happy accident or was it? I also finished off with ‘We have now done all letters in real (joined up) writing except the letter q.’
I have been trying to avoid them all my life. You will not find one here.
We met, of course, in the British Library.
The first person to email me the literary term for ‘happy accident’ will get a free one poem assessment (up to 20 lines) which is worth £10 if you think it is.
Tuesday ‘Get Inspired’ classes are full but I have one writer wanting to switch to the ‘Get that Book’ arrangement which has two free places. So if you would like that Tuesday ‘Get Inspired’ place in the queue email me.

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