Small and Trusted

15/10/2018 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘Small and Trusted’ by Ms Paige Turner
My ‘Red Lipstick’ audience last Friday at High Wycombe Library almost beat my Guinness Book of Records hit in 1979. That was with my Ruddles Theatre Company (sponsored by the lovely Rutland brewery) performance of Barry Keefe’s ‘Gotcha’ which had an audience in Grantham of two. And they were mates of one of our actors. To be fair I was competing with a Royal Wedding and the 11 Plus results.
But it doesn’t matter to me if I have three or a thousand punters: a perf is a perf. The audience was small and very appreciative and so was I.
Writing Magazine included a tiny book in their last issue of writers’ quotes. Thumbing through I see Rose Tremain has written: listen to the criticisms and preferences of your “trusted first readers”. A further draft of my novel has come back from one of my “trusted first readers” and I’m listening hard. Writing is re-writing …

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