Blog 200/A Well Good Working Week

06/10/2018 // by Jan Moran Neil

Blog 200 – A Well Good Working Week
When I let go of my regular Creative Ink for Writers’ classes I didn’t expect to be quite so busy with … well … work. Like London buses, editing work comes in showers. I had a downpour this week but rain is in my genes: I come from a long line of umbrella makers, so the pennies from heaven are welcome. And my, is it raining today.
Last Wednesday evening saw the third Creative Ink workshop this year organised by Catherine Klyhn and my topic was ‘The Stranger’: the person or incident which comes from a foreign and unexpected field to change the course of your life or your central character’s life. Next evening workshop is Wednesday 5th December in Amersham and it’s ‘The Visitor’. Email me if interested. Catherine puts on lovely mulled wine and picks. £18.
How great it is to see former Creative Inkers for coffee and cake. When the lovely Galit Gibson suggested this on a Saturday morning, I thought – what a great idea. Especially after an hour on the treadmill watching ‘Coronation Street’ catch up. Galit and I never stopped talking: not surprising if you know either of us.
Don’t be a stranger. Let me know how you and your words are getting along.

I’m at High Wycombe Library next Friday 12th October – 11.00 am until midday reading from my ‘Red Lipstick & Revelations’ poetry collection for National Libraries Week.

2 thoughts on “Blog 200/A Well Good Working Week

  1. Phillip Sheahan says:

    I thought I might be able to catch you next week at the HW Library but we now have tickets (free! for a London matinee) and there won’t be time to do both. I’ll keep the 5th December date in mind for the workshop. I’ve written a short play (a mini-play) for an event for Questors, and am chasing a speaking title on Monday at Ascot. There’s always a new challenge.

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