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04/08/2021 // by Jan Moran Neil

Marketing with Cranthorpe Millner – My Novel ‘Shakespeare’s Clock’ by Jan Moran Neil

My novel ‘Shakespeare’s Clock’ is due out in late September published by Cranthorpe Millner. If you have any blogging, social media like Goodreads or magazine outlets maybe you would have a free copy sent to you in advance for review. If so please contact Shannon Bourne at and let her know where you might place the review, give your address and cc me into the email. Here is some blurb.

It’s 1984. Patricia Vickers returns like a phantom to deliver an unwelcome revelation. Jayne Thornhill is reminded of those spiteful 1960s’ schooldays: bullying, Charlie the skeleton, seances, strip poker and sexual encounters with the school’s handymen. Jayne’s confessions have now been whitewashed from lavatory walls, only to be unearthed in a third school friend’s 1969 diary. A cloud of sadness is now cast over the three women’s lives and only by revealing their own stories in later life can they move the stubborn hand of the undertaker’s clock forward. In doing so, something shockingly out of line is revealed …

• If, with one blow, you could destroy all the people you hate, would you?

• If you could keep silent and have glory reigned upon you, would you?

• If you could exact revenge on your tormentor, would you?

Three women did.

The anthology ‘When This Is All Over …’ for the Rennie Grove Hospice is selling well. Here’s the link: And please leave a review on Amazon – it all helps.

2 thoughts on “Marketing with Cranthorpe Millner

  1. john moore says:

    Sounds great, but what is Shakespeare’s Clock?

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