Marlow FM 97.5 Radio Interview by Ms Paige Turner

17/07/2021 // by Jan Moran Neil

You can hear me being interviewed by Malcolm Parr on Marlow Radio about the anthology. There are readings from the book. The link is here:
Marlow FM 97.5 Radio – Catch Up – THEN GO TO: Good Morning Marlow – Friday 16th July at AROUND 10.45 am onwards.

I plugged buying it on Amazon here:

But clean forgot to ask readers to leave a review on Amazon. Please do if you haven’t done so and thank you if you have.

Over 400 sold to date. Keep going. Some contributors who don’t have access to an Amazon account have contacted me and if you pay me by cheque or online I can order for you and get sent directly to your address. The Amazon proceeds then go directly to RGHH. It’s £8.59 now but they do change the price.

Any donations please head with CHARITY ANTHOLOGY and we will know how much we are raising!

Best wishes – Jan


One thought on “Marlow FM 97.5 Radio Interview by Ms Paige Turner

  1. John Moore says:

    You tell ‘em, Jan. Tell ‘em like it is.

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