‘D-Day’ by Ms Paige Turner

06/06/2024 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘D-Day’ by Ms Paige Turner
I am two blogs behind because:
1. I’ve been busy finishing my eighteen-month project narrating and uploading my two novels and poetry to Amazon Audible. The novel ‘Blackberry Promises’ has been re-published by Creative Ink Publishing.

Blackberry Promises – a back street stabbing changes the lives for five young people in the fifites and promises prove difficult to keep.

Shakespeare’s Clock – A school bully re-enters in mid-life. A story of the abuse of power.

Red Lipstick and Revelations Amazon Number One in Loss and Grief Poetry and Love Poetry – September 2023.


2. The subscriber button on my blog is, apparently not working. This means that unless you come into my blog parlour, you won’t receive my blog missive. We are working on it.
I will try to make this up in the coming weeks.
Having done a Poetry workshop (how lovely it is to spend a day with poets and musing) I’m now gearing myself for ‘Life Writing’ this Saturday. I love hearing about people’s lives and in particular, where and whom they come from. On that note the BBC promised me last week that they would broadcast my parents’ photos as they were RAF wireless operators during WW2 and were responsible for guiding planes in and out on June 6th , 1944. My mother told me the story of how she was also responsible for clearing out the locker of a young, fated pilot on his 21st birthday. She found unopened cards, presents and a cake. One of the saddest stories I have heard. That’s life, I guess …
The BBC did not broadcast their photos or stories. That’s show business, I guess …

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