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26/03/2024 // by Jan Moran Neil

My Amazon Audible excerpt of my recorded novel ‘Shakespeare’s Clock’ was featured on BBC Radio on Thursday 14th March. (Sorry about the delay but I have been busy recording the next novel ‘Blackberry Promises’ for Amazon Audible.)
The show is BBC Radio Berkshire (And it’s across quite a few counties) – Upload at 6-8pm on 95.4 FM, 104.1 FM, on Digital, BBC Sounds and here you can now listen on catch up:


I’m an hour into the programme. Leo Ulph says he ‘really, really likes this’ and promises to have me back.

Here is the link to my Amazon Audible of the novel and you can listen to a sample before deciding to purchase.

Shakespeare’s Clock

And here’s the link to the Amazon Audible of my poetry collection:

Red Lipstick and Revelations


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