Scribbling Away in SA

23/02/2019 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘Scribbling Away in SA’ by Ms Paige Turner
Scrabbling around more like. Since we arrived in Fish Corner (Fish Hoek) our phones haven’t worked, the alarm has gone on the blink, along with the internet. We had no water for 48 hours as the men are laying fibre on the pavements and pickaxing into water pipes whilst we have a leak in our pool. But anyway, we’re privileged to have the latter. And today the sun is shining and all seems well after the mist.
Scribbling with the Fish Hoek scribblers in South Africa I have been starting up with my theme for the year: Keys with ‘Unlocking your Creative Unconscious’ which I am doing on May 1st for the Evening Creative Ink sessions organised by Catherine Klyhn in Amersham UK. (Email me for more details.) And later that month with Wycombe Abbey School for their short story competition.
I meet with the lovely Fish Hoek Scribblers twice a year and kicked off this session with ‘Put Your Life in Six Words’. Everyone did this magnificently but a newcomer beautifully christened as Gideon brought the house down with: Still. Trying. To. Puzzle. It. Out.
Mister Justin Case have been doing that all week …

2 thoughts on “Scribbling Away in SA

  1. Phillip says:

    My six words. ‘Still. Enjoying. Your. Witty. Worldly. Revelations.’

  2. John Moore says:

    How nice to be privileged because you have a phone that doesn’t work, no internet, no running water and a leaking pool. Makes you question what privilege is. Just the under-privileged start for a good writer.

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