The Africa Book Club and Bundles of Joy

10/09/2018 // by Jan Moran Neil

The Africa Book Club and Bundles of Joy by Ms Paige Turner
It’s a joy when you don’t watch the kettle and it whistles to you, isn’t it? I seem to fare so much better in these writing comps when I’ve clean forgotten that I’ve entered and discover my name is on a list. I’m particularly honoured to be on the Africa Book Club’s Finalists’ list as I can see from the surnames that I am in the company of 29 eminent African writers. (One had to be an African national or written a story set in Africa. Mine’s set in Fish Hoek, Cape Town.) It was Free Entry and I’ve won 25 dollars. The short story is to be published in hard copy along with the other finalists chosen from over 500 entries.
My other Bundle of Joy came in the form of our 21 month old granddaughter, Maddie Moo, who we minded for the whole of last week: Beckonscot, Story Telling, Ducks, Swimming and The Park. Alexa has been dizzy playing ‘The Wheels on the Bus’. By the time our daughter Miss Trial and our son-in-law Master Mind had finished boozing in Bordeaux we were ready to put the kettle on or head for something stronger … Recovering today.

Contact me for details of the next Creative Ink for Writers’ Evening Workshop on Wednesday 3rd October – 8.00 pm in Amersham. Next month it’s ‘The Stranger’.

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