Not Fizzing in Bucks

20/01/2018 // by Jan Moran Neil

Not Fizzing in Bucks by Ms Paige Turner

I’m sorry my three blog readers that this bi-monthly is a week late but I have had an internationally unknown flu virus. This means that for the past ten days I have been feeding myself on a diet of clementines and daytime television. Oh, my. I now know about the new 8 pronged cancer test, Prince William and Theresa May’s new haircuts, Her Royal Huggable Princess Megan Markle and how anyone with any sense simply hates President Trump who is not coming here shortly. My head is a mass of myriad global facts and Vitamin C. I just wish the latter would reach my body parts but I seem to be turning a corner.
Anyhow, on the daytime television theme I saw that Cheryl Baker from Bucks Fizz is skating on that Sunday night ice that Philip and Holly are compering. For those of you who don’t know about ‘Good Morning’ that starts at 10.30 am every weekday, these are two of the daytime special’s presenters. What do Cheryl Baker and I have in common? Well, we were both part of girl, boy quartet singing bands in the eighties. Yes, three blog readers I sang for my supper singing Abba songs and jumped up and down as much as Cheryl Baker did earning much less per jump than she.
Well, she’s still jumping. Readers, she is 63 and skating on ice. For the past ten days I have taken my stairs very, very carefully. I’ve had difficulty breathing but none so much as I watched Ms Baker spinning around on thin ice. I think I’ll stick to my writing classes but I guess I had better watch myself and my flu as I go round that corner.
There’s still a couple of places left on the Creative Ink ‘Cities and Synchronicity’ Tuesday morning course at the Fitzwilliams Centre this term.
I will be performing ‘Red Lipstick & Revelations’ at Bourne End Library on Friday 23rd February for a bit of Post Valentine slash of red at 10.30 am. Free Entry.

3 thoughts on “Not Fizzing in Bucks

  1. Dinah Latham says:

    Hi Jan, What have you and I got in common? Firstly, I too have just had a hideous bug …mine was vomiting for days and left me as weak as a kitten and I slept through rather than watched daytime TV. Secondly I have fairly recently ‘performed’ at Bourne End Library!

    Great to hear you’re better …. I’ve now sold over 2000 of my Walking Forward, Looking Back book and have just on 40 speaker bookings to talk and sign my books this year.

    I’m just writing a second and have done about 20,000 words. Not sure I’ve got enough to write to make it into a second book wondering how much I can pad it out with smashing photos of Harriet and myself working with the sheep, trialling etc …but if I ever finish it, a publisher said that if I would write a book about ‘ learning to sheepherd when you don’t have any sheep’ … they would be interested in reading the script so I’m pregnant with “Sheepless Nights” but not sure it will ever be born!

    Continue to get well Jan, love Dinah

    • You are a real Creative Ink star! I have been trying to contact you every which way hoping you can get to a perf.
      Friday 23rd Feb = 10.30 am – Bourne End Library?

  2. john moore says:

    Hope you get better soon. Tried brandy yet?
    What is a girl boy band? Were you in the same band?
    And have you seen the film, “Hollywood stars don’t die in Liverpool”? (They go to Southport but the fresh air off the sea keeps them alive).

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