Oh Very Young – Blog 177

26/11/2017 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘Oh Very Young’ – Blog 177 by Ms Paige Turner
I’m back from Cape Town where I enjoyed doing three performances: readings from my poetry collection ‘Red Lipstick & Revelations’. Mr Justin Case and I also enjoyed the company in our swallow drop’s last ten days of our daughter: Miss Trial and Maddie Lil, our granddaughter. (Our son-in-law Master Mind had to stay home to earn money for the lollipops.) We didn’t enjoy having our flight cancelled on Tuesday night and waiting for another twenty four hours to get home to Black Week.
Maddie Lil was born on Black Friday one year ago – or rather as we like to say Thanksgiving as we are truly grateful for her sunny presence. When they both arrived in Cape Town we had already booked to go see Cat Stevens at Kirstenbosch, attended by five thousand people on Remembrance evening. Cat Stevens filled the seventies for me and I was honoured to write a minor biography of him for Reader’s Digest some years ago. Cat, Steven or Yusuf (he converted to Islam) is older now but the remnants of the Greek god that he was were still there.
I couldn’t help thinking of his ‘Oh Very Young’ song yesterday at Maddie Lil’s first birthday party. Cat Stevens’ songs are much like TS Eliot’s poetry to me. I understand little but I hardly care. The words give me something. Cat and Maddie have given me bundles.
Creative Ink classes at the Fitzwilliams Centre, Beaconsfield begin on Tuesday 9th January for 5 weeks and the course is running but has some places left. Email me.
Also the ‘Get that book’ arrangement has some places.

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