Falling Over in Style …

25/08/2017 // by Jan Moran Neil

Falling about In Style by Ms Paige Turner
Mister Double Cream and I have fallen over: not fallen out and not together. I had followed his appearances at Wimbledon on Facebook in awe this summer. He has been a spectator and privy to some grand Wimbledon cocktail parties in a wonderful pink jacket. This spurred me on to get there for the very first time and so I did. It turns out that Mister Double Cream from Uxbridge (one of my three Blog Readers) fell over and dislocated his shoulder ending up in A and E as a result of … playing a tennis match.
I visited Vienna for the very first time this summer and in my haste to secure tickets for the Spanish Riding School, I fell up the marble steps. It shakes you up. Mister Double Cream said that at least I had fallen over in style. And so has he. I wish him a speedy recovery and think it’s a rather drastic ploy to get out of reading at the Gerrards Cross Literary Festival on Saturday 23rd September at 7.30 pm when I will be hosting local poets reading. I’m then on at the Hazlemere Library on Thursday 28th September at 10.30 am for National Poetry Day doing my ‘Red Lipstick & Revelations’ stuff.
Here are the contact details for both and in the meantime I shall be getting back on my horse and putting on my lipstick which we must all do when the chips are down. Mister Double Cream, I can recommend some nice shades. The Spanish ones are practically all white.
GX Literary Festival: £6 from frphilosophy1@gmail.com
Or £8 on the door to include a drink for Mind and the Memorial Centre, GX.
Free Entry for the Hazlemere Library on National Poetry Day/Thursday 28th September at 10.30 am.

One thought on “Falling Over in Style …

  1. Phillip Sheahan says:

    Words tumbling on to the page. Is poetry the cure? Saturday 23rd September should see that all is mended for the Queen of Rhyme. The reason? They’ll have to attend to see. Meanwhile, my fall is reduced to seventeen syllables.

    Double Cream. Free fall.
    Split. Uxbridge hits the Astroturf.
    Shoulder to cry on.

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