In Search of an Editor …

08/05/2017 // by Jan Moran Neil

This is the first time I have printed someone else’s words on my blog but I don’t think I can say this better than Jill Wallis, the editor of ‘Rhyme & Reason’ raising funds for the Iain Rennie Grove Hospice.

Hi, all. Many thanks to those of you who have sent your entries for this year’s Rhyme and Reason competitions on the theme of Freedom. We have just over three weeks to go to the deadline on 1st June, so do get writing if you haven’t already sent me your entries.

I’d really like to make this year’s diary extra special as it will be my last year as editor. I’ve been involved for about ten years now and feel it is time to pass things over to someone new, as I pursue other interests. The Rhyme and Reason publication has been going now for over 25 years and it is vital that it continues, so do please contact me, or Hayley Webb, our Rennie Grove link (, if you feel you could take some part in ensuring the project continues after I leave. In these days of computers, geography really doesn’t matter, just a willingness to liaise between contributors, Rennie Grove and the publishers. (training/advice will be provided).

I do hope someone will come forward, as it has been a privilege to be involved with the book, and with all of you, during this time. Do make sure this year’s book is a cracker! Regards, Jill

Jan here – I’ve done the editing job many years ago but will support anyone who thinks they might like to have a literary plunge.

One thought on “In Search of an Editor …

  1. Maureen says:

    I do have an entry that I am working on – it will be submitted very soon
    Not sure if I would be suitable for the editor role as I may not have enough experience but I will throw my hat into the ring anyway.
    I am not spending much time at home this year ( not working though) but if that is not an issue then perhaps I could be of some use ?

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