Happy New Phones and Radio Broadcasts …

02/01/2022 // by Jan Moran Neil

Happy New Phones and Radio Broadcasts
I am promoting the anthology ‘When This Is All Over …’ on Marlow Radio and you can get on catch up.
Friday 31st December at 11.15 am – Good Morning Marlow and I am reading
Jane MacKinnon’s (our wonderful proof reader) and Mo Bradley’s poems. Here:

Listen Again | Marlow FM 97.5

I forgot to mention my also wonderful co-editor Adrian Spalding. He says he will forgive me. Put it down to the drowned phone but happily Mister Justin Case slipped into the new phone a sim card and everything I had on the old phone popped up. It’s amazing. How does that happen?

Adrian’s novel ‘The Reluctant Detective Under Pressure’ will be available at the end of January on Amazon.

We’ve raised over £2000 for the Rennie Grove Hospice with this anthology. It’s available, as is my novel ‘Shakespeare’s Clock’ published by Cranthorpe Millner on Amazon.

Happy and Healthy 2022.

One thought on “Happy New Phones and Radio Broadcasts …

  1. john moore says:

    And best wishes to you and Syd.

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