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09/10/2021 // by Jan Moran Neil

Book Reviews of Jan Moran Neil’s novel ‘Shakespeare’s Clock’

Despite Covid striking down the actress playing my antagonist and having to
rehearse a new actress into the reading, and despite the fuel crisis and torrential rain,
50 people turned out for the book launch of Shakespeare’s Clock, my psychological thriller.
It went very smoothly; the only wrinkles being on my forehead.
My next reading and signing is at Chorleywood Bookshop WD3 5NJ on Wednesday 17th November at 6.00 pm for an hour. Come along and if you are able, let me know.
If you can’t come and would like a signed copy from me then just email me: (I have only a few.)
Copies are also available from all major bookstores and online at Amazon and here:
‘Shakespeare’s Clock’ by Jan Moran Neil is published in paperback by Cranthorpe Millner and will be available from September 28th at all major retailers, instore and online (ISBN978-1-912964-63-5). RRP £8.99.For pre-order details see:,jan-moran-neil-9781912964635

Bookstagram Review Quotes: Honest and Unpaid.
“I have been OBSESSED with this book, it has been so difficult not to stay up until 2am to find out about the secrets in the past of the main characters. The style of writing completely drew me in, it felt like I was overhearing a conversation but I’d missed the key points at the start and was desperate to know more! Thank you for letting me be part of the tour. This was such a good read.”
- @bookish_reader21

“This was like a blast to my past, remembering the bus journey to school. I really enjoyed how the story focused not only on different points of view, but different timelines.”
- @mrsbookburney

“This is a 1960′s girls’ school where the school reputation is put before right or wrong. Truth is not always convenient, and isn’t that always the way? I’ve been pretty gripped by this story. A recommended read.”
- @adperfectamconsilium

“Something a bit different but with very interesting characters.”

“Just finished this and boy, what a ride. It’s not often a story comes along as satisfying as this one.”

“I was flying through the book needing to know more and when revelations came out I was unexpectedly shocked. This was a brilliant, captivating read and I couldn’t put it down.”

“The characters are beautifully developed and purposefully written. It’s sad, it’s a little dark and it builds immensely up to what I can only describe as an impeccable finale. 5 stars from me. And one that will stay on my shelf, and with me, for a long, long time. Well done on an amazing read.”
- @shejustwantedtoread

- 5* review/Amazon

I was captivated by the story from the first page. Jan Moran Neil has done a brilliant job of recapturing the feeling of being a fifteen year old schoolgirl in the late 1960s. I never went on the school bus, but it rekindled many memories for me. The plot is well constructed and seeds sown early in the novel grow towards a brilliant final denouement. I look forward to reading anything else that Jan Moran Neil writes.
- Sue Johnson

I am also available for readings from the novel if you wish to book me in person or virtually!
Please suggest both books to your book group if you have one. If you enjoy please leave reviews on Goodreads and Amazon etc. Both ‘Shakespeare’s Clock’ and the anthology ‘When This Is All Over’ books are running at 5 stars.

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