‘Today: 11/9/21′

11/09/2021 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘Today: 11/9/21’ by Ms Paige Turner
On Tuesday 11th September 2001, I visited my good friend and writer Pat Dancer. She didn’t have a TV so we were oblivious to what was happening to our world. When I left the fish man told us the two towers had been targeted and were gone.
On Saturday 9th April 1977 I went to the top of the twin towers with my good friend Mike Gray, whom I call Mr Red Hat: he manages my website. He will probably know which tower we ascended.
On Wednesday 3rd September 2009 Mr Justin Case, Miss Trial and Master Mind and I visited a Ground Zero Building Work in Progress.
On Tuesday 11th September 2012, Mr Justin Case and I found ourselves on this day in New York and walked up from the subway station in silence with two fire fighters towards Ground Zero.

Building Work in Progress – 2012-9-11 by Jan Moran Neil
Swathes of footfalls
wave up the street.
Only the sun-drenched air can weep.
Only the written words which fall
like confetti to our feet
can speak:
‘Angels’ sidewalk.’
‘Play No Ball.’
‘Read the Writing on the Wall’.

Firearms cease.
Bulldozers doze
but towering above us
five fingers clasp
one cellophaned, solitary,
red mute rose.

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  1. john moore says:

    Thank you.

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