Calling for Submissions: Anthology

30/11/2020 // by Jan Moran Neil

Calling for Submissions: Anthology ‘When This is All Over…’ by Jan Moran Neil from Creative Ink for Writers.
It was during one of those long April 2020 walks whilst dodging joggers and cyclists that the idea of a pandemic thoughts historical document occurred to me. It would have to be for a charitable cause so that contributors were passing their lockdown time in both a productive and helpful way.
Having been a founder editor of the writers’ anthology Rhyme & Reason which has raised over £60,000 for the Iain Rennie Hospice since 1991 and subsequently for Rennie Grove until the magazine’s demise in 2018, I thought I might have a shot at launching this idea. Although Creative Ink has raised thousands of pounds for various charities with various wordy and Thespian activities the choice of charity was, as Kevin Bacon might say, ‘a no-brainer’. Having worked alongside the Iain Rennie charity for nine years I passed the editorial reins over to a fresh hands at Christmas 2000. A few days later my mother fell ill and was taken to Stoke Mandeville Hospital right into the New Year of 2001. It was then that I made my call to Iain Rennie and ‘swifter than the wandering moon’, all was in place for my mother’s return home where she died on Valentine’s Day, in the sensitive hands of Rennie Nurse Anne Howard with whom to this Christmas I have exchanged cards. That sentence seems as long as the one we have had all year …
We have received over 300 submissions from Nottingham to New Zealand but are looking to Rennie Grove’s nurses, volunteers and staff to please submit up to 200 words. Contributions from anyone, any age also welcome. This could be prose or poetry. This could be your story or someone else’s story. It could be fiction or simply your thoughts about 2020 … and beyond. You don’t need to have called yourself a writer. Some of the best submissions have simply been written from the heart.
Send to as a word attachment if possible. If not, I will cut and paste from the body of the email. Add a sentence or two about who you are and where you are from. If you have published a book we are happy to mention that too. Two restrictions: keep your submission under 200 words and don’t mention the word ‘unprecedented’!
You can find me on and

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