‘A Kind of Grief …’

20/03/2020 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘A Kind of Grief …’ by Ms Paige Turner
I’ve been in isolation all week and yet it’s been the busiest of weeks doing something which has been a lifelong anathema to me: cancelling. And I’ve been cancelled on. It’s a kind of grief. Having to let go of booked out evening workshops and a reunion with a full complement of college alumni. Face to face consultations, not to mention the gym. Alas, alas, alas. Ah to the plans of mice and men … And cheers … here’s to the overriding priority: your health.
But there’s one thing I can see burgeoning as my inbox seems to suggest: online editing and mentoring of your words. So here’s my fee sheet and to telephonic consultations. (I will do Skype but find them jumpy and distracting.)
Creative Ink for Writers and Creative Ink Publishing
Jan Moran Neil – MSt. Cantab, B.Ed.Hons CSSD
Critical Assessment, Editing & Proof Reading Services
10% off for Creative Ink enrolled writers.
Full length novel (80,000 words) £500
Full typed assessment emailed. Edits on text. Full proof read. (More or less than 80,000 words – to be agreed.) Handout sheets given where appropriate – separately – and not copied and pasted into my detailed and specific feedback of your words.
Synopses of novels – 500 words and lob back £50
One hour telephonic consultation for £50
£130 for a one hour and a quarter consultation, 3500 word assessment and 500 word synopsis inclusive. (Half fee due if cancelled within 24 hours of consultation.)Poems and synopses are twice the weight of straight narrative.
Tailor Made Packages – £150 – 10,000 words of narrative or 15 poems, ongoing assessment, email dialogue and modules on Beginning, (to include Developing an Idea and Synopsis), Characterisation, Viewpoint and Plot. (Send up to 5 batches.)
Articles, short stories (up to 2,500 words) £35
Poems whose weight in words are heavier than narrative. (An email lob back to check a re-draft.) £10
1. Please send an SAE or in the case of a novel, return postage or send online.
2. Weekly turnaround guaranteed.
3. Errors will be marked, suggestions made for alterations, marketing ideas given if possible.
11, Pitch Pond Close
Knotty Green
Beaconsfield, Bucks HP9 1XY
Tel: 01494 680816 email: janmoranneil@tiscali.co.uk
Jan is a Writers News Home Tutor and Writing Magazine monthly contributor and is able to refer to two leading London agents.

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