Happy Boris Christmas, then …

17/12/2019 // by Jan Moran Neil

Happy Boris Christmas, then … by Ms Paige Turner
Just wanting to thank Catherine and her ravishing refreshments for the last of the Creative Ink evening workshops in Amersham. That litless road at night was getting too much for me. And I thank Catherine for hosting these workshops for the last seven years. I think Catherine counted 25!
And good news for 2020. There are plans afoot for a Beaconsfield Creative Ink evening workshop in the spring so watch this space and mail shots.
I must mention the poet Chris Johnson who has been coming to me for one to one consultations for years. A widely published poet in prestigious poetry publications, he has a poem coming up in the highly regarded Acumen in January. What a way to start the New Year.
It remains for me to wish you a Happy Boris Christmas – as I expect he is.

One thought on “Happy Boris Christmas, then …

  1. Phillip says:

    I thought of putting the Boris Angel on top of the Chrismas tree but the weight of expectation I felt was too much. The fall would surely be fatal: a Brexit break is so unpredictable. By contrast, what is predictable is how Mrs Paige Turner always manages to bring a smile and stir the imagination. Nothing is ever lost from your thoughts. The old always finding a path to the new. Inspiring me at least to write you a festive haiku. The turkey in brine/ Old memories soak new wine/ The Keys to Christmas.

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