The End of a Lollipop …

09/10/2019 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘The End of a Lollipop …’ by Ms Paige Turner
Or as Edna O’Brien once wrote: ‘We die by degrees but there is one part of us that decidedly knows when it’s all just over.’
I want to thank Catherine Klyhn (I have referred to her here as Ms Evening Workshops) whose organization of Creative Ink Evening Workshops at her home or at Four Seasons’ Café in Amersham for almost seven years has been exemplary. It’s been a great run and great fun: she is the quintessential hostess and administrator but we had both been thinking about moving on to new pastures for a while.
So the final Creative Ink Evening Workshop with Catherine’s ravishing refreshments is on Wednesday 4th December at 8.00 pm and is £18 for the two hour workshop, handouts sheets and wine and nibbles. Please email me for details. It’s ‘The Key to Christmas’.
And as Catherine has said: one door closes and another opens. ((Our theme this year has been ‘Keys’.) Perhaps we should tell this to the estranged cat who decided to live in our South African house for a number of days before being released into the sea air. Yes, one door closes, Cat and for you another one was thankfully opened by our trusty manager. So I’ll be posting details of my day workshops in 2020 in the next blog. And just email me if you would like to organise a Creative Ink day of evening workshop. Always a new lollipop.
Thanks also to Mr Double Cream from Uxbridge, one of my three blog readers who attended the October ‘Keys to the Door’. How I love to have him in the classes and how odd – or is it – that themes precede reality?

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