Reminded of My Working Tools

04/09/2019 // by Jan Moran Neil

Reminded of My Working Tools by Ms Paige Turner
Having visited the British Library’s Exhibition ‘Making Your Mark’ exhibition from Stone Age scratchings to Facebook, I was reminded of my own journey: wax crayons, powder paint, inkwells (yes, inkwells, dear Reader), my first gold-nibbed fountain pen with cartridge, the first of many green fibre felt-tipped pens which have glided across A4 paper for almost fifty years, my first Olivetti typewriter, Amstrad and laptop. What a long sentence that was. How much we have to thank the Phoenicians for. Is that where the word ‘phonetics’ originates from?
I write just as our Parliament may be blotting its copy book.
If you want to put pen (or anything) to paper (or screen) then the next Creative Ink for Writers’ evening workshop is on Wednesday 2nd October at 8.00 pm in Amersham. Theme: ‘Keys to the Door’. Email me if you are interested.

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