‘A Poem What I Wrote when I was Fifteen …’

11/03/2022 // by Jan Moran Neil

‘Perhaps …’
A poem what I wrote in 1969 at the age of fifteen …
Perhaps soon
we’ll live on the moon.
Perhaps we’ll stop the world from turning,
day and night occurring.

Perhaps too
we’ll do everything.
Perhaps we’ll stop death and time,
heaven on earth, no crime.

But perhaps
we’ll stop everything.
Even the world, because a man decides a button should be pressed.
But we’ll never know, because we can’t stop progress.

Dreadful isn’t it? But my mum liked it at the time.

One thought on “‘A Poem What I Wrote when I was Fifteen …’

  1. john moore says:

    I thought it was quite good.

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