Shakespeare's Clock launch

Jan is available for readings from her novel Shakespeare's Clock (50 mins plus Q&A.). Below are reviews and reactions from the launch event and recent readings.

Launch of 'Shakespeare's Clock' with Creative Ink for Actors - October 2nd 2021

Great launch! Your three girls were outstanding. Michelle Gunner

Thank you for inviting me today. What a lovely occasion. I'm so proud of you Jan. Well done. Heather Smith

Yesterday was just wonderful...what a brilliant performance - and such a happy event - with people coming out to support you from far and wide. Suzie Cullen

It was a brilliant book launch. So glad to have been there to share that moment in excellent company. Moyra Zaman

Your book launch yesterday was sooo inspiring! On what was the wettest, gloomiest, day of the year my spirits were well and truly lifted! It was so good to talk and mingle with other writers 'off line' and your trio of amazing readers did a superb job of marketing Shakespeare's Clock. I now can't wait to read my signed copy. Linda Storey

A lovely session! Chris McDemott

I really enjoyed your launch! I'll suggest your book as a potential choice for my book club. Claire Overton

A very enjoyable launch. The performance was professional and the audience friendly. Most interesting Q & A. I expect the book will sell as the subject is perennial. Pamela Mintner

A great afternoon at the book launch of Shakespeare's Clock by Jan Moran Neil. Great to finally meet you in person. Laura Sansom

So thrilled for my friend and fabulous tutor Jan Moran Neil. We enjoyed a wonderful performance of some key scenes from her new book at her launch event yesterday... Looking forward to a good read. Catherine Klyhn

Watford Writers - October 4th 2021

An immensely enjoyable and informative evening - thank you. From the group.

Marlow Radio - October 15th 2021

I was very moved by this powerful excerpt. It's a traumatic topic and the book will hopefully help people in a cathartic way. The women have to face up to their past and by sharing our trauma and getting help, we are getting help. Josie Jacobs/Positive Psychologist.

Chorleywood Bookshop - November 17th 2021

I enjoyed the evening. Pamela Mintner

Great performance, Jan. I really enjoyed the reading. Helen Nicell

Wycombe Sound Radio - November 26th 2021

I have just listened to your chat on Wycombe Sound. Very interesting and well done. You should do an audio book version of Shakespeare's Clock. Your voices for the characters worked so well. Trevor Oughton

All came across well and sounds good. Colin Besley/Radio Presenter

I've just listened to your broadcast from Friday, excellent! Pat Abercromby

Cranthorpe Millner's Video - December 2021

I can't wait to read this. Nick Staverson

A brilliant read and brilliantly read too. Geoff Buckingham, playwright.

I enjoyed your reading, both in content and in execution. Mya Roberts.

Marlow Radio's 'Hope for New Year's Eve' interview 2021

Thank you Jan for your usual impeccable contribution to today's radio programme. It was perfect. Malcolm Parr, presenter.

Mary's Workshop and Reading - January 2022

A really lovely evening that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. A huge thank you, Jan. Mary Robinson.

Watford Young Theatre Workshop and Reading - February 2022

A truly wonderful day! Vedi Roy - Creative Facilitator and National Theatre actor

Heartbeat FM Radio George, Western Cape, South Africa - March 2022

Jan, thanks a million for an excellent interview. Gilbert Matthews, presenter.

What an awesome interview. Thank you for your availability and contributions. It means a lot. Mbulelo Ngcobo

Scribblers, Cape Town - March 2022

I really enjoyed your reading at Scribblers, with your brilliant accents and expressions. Thank so much for contributing to our session. It always adds an element of international expertise when you are there. We have missed you during the pandemic and hope to see you again soon. Karen Gray-Kilfoil - Organiser

Marlow Radio - April 2022

Thank you for the inspiring broadcast today. It drew some very favourable comment. Malcolm Parr - presenter.